I like to work out.

I think it’s important to stay healthy in this day and age, as so many of us sit in front of a computer screen for the best part of the day and night. Currently I am an avid rock climber, swimmer, ice skater (although this is relatively new) and runner.

Running is by far the easiest work out that anyone can do. It doesn’t require lots of fancy equipment, the perfect conditions (although being dry does help) and you can do it by yourself. All you really need is somewhere to run to and the determination to get there. The hardest element to going for a run is stepping out of your front door and facing the outside world. If you can get over the initial push you’ll be fine and feel better for it afterwards.

…a nifty app that creates a personal plan for your run…

And what better way to help you accomplish your run then having an app that tracks your progress? My ASICS have created a nifty app that creates a personal plan for your run, keeps you updated on timing, your location and spreads the love of your fitness to all of your friends. Running can be a bit boring if you take the same route, but the app gives you the opportunity to time yourself and then beat your score. It is a real help and makes you hit deadlines if you are trying to become healthier.

It’s very easy to give up, but if you want some inspiration check out the newest video from My ASICS:


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