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The 2010 season is the most indicative of Vettel’s performance and driving style. He went into the final race at Abu Dhabi 15 points behind Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso but was able to win from pole to be crowned the youngest ever world champion in the history of the sport.

What is most impressive about this feat is that he had not led the world championship until he took the chequered flag which brought the season to a close. He drove a consistent season after a slow start and gradually worked his way up the championship standings.

…capable of controlling his fiercely competitive edge… 

He drives with a very cool head and is capable of controlling his fiercely competitive edge with a German rationality that sees sensible, consistent and very fast driving. He has a personal ambition to be setting fastest laps and so pushes himself even when he has left the field behind.

His current peers are not unknown to him. Michael Schumacher, now racing with Mercedes GP, is one of his childhood heroes and  a 7-times world champion. To see Vettel’s composure, technical ability and awareness whilst driving it is hard to not draw comparisons to his idol in his Ferrari years.

…may be able to make out Pastor Maldonado…

When he looks in his mirrors he may be able to make out Pastor Maldonado, who he fought with in the 2006 World Series by Renault season, and Paul Di Resta, who beat him in the 2006 F3 Euroseries.

Vettel is still a very young driver and is fallible. He slipped up at the Canadian GP this year after a spectacular race, to allow Button through to victory and had a rather awkward moment when celebrating a win with a crazy frog impersonation.

…he is charmingly realistic and grounded.

Despite this he has always been a likeable, friendly and cheerful racer who is easy to relate to. For a young man living every boys dream he is charmingly realistic and grounded. The only reason that he is disliked is that he has been charmingly and realistically walking away with the 2011 season.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Vettel


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