Coming to you live from Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis! The biggest, most unbelievable, jaw-dropping, wide-eyed sporting spectacle of the year… Ladies and Gentleman, we give you the SUPERBOWL! And it is about to set it off!!!!

Or at least that is how the fist-pumping, bravado loving, chest-bumping, body-popping American footballers would like this article to be introduced. And of course, that is why I love, and so should you all, this ball-game that will park itself right in front of your beady eyes and shout, with the volume turned to eleven, big band playing, girls dancing half-dressed, flags waving and fans screaming, commentators roaring and pundits acting as if they’ve just injected themselves with a lifetimes supply of steroids (not actually).

…watching a live sporting event.

Nothing is quite like the self-titled ‘greatest sporting event on the planet’. Never mind the fact that it has been overtaken by the Champions League a couple of years back for most people watching a live sporting event. Never mind it is a sport that is only really contested on any great level in the United States. Never mind the fact that between each play you are required to watch another Budweiser ad for the gazillionth time. The American people do not go about things quietly, and Superbowl night is certainly the epitome of all their song and dance.

This year will be a rematch of the 2008 Superbowl, where the Giant’s pulled off a shock victory. It was a game that left the Patriots reeling, being the only loss to their otherwise unbeaten, record-breaking season. This Superbowl isn’t only about two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL going head-to-head, no this game is also about revenge, people!

…diversity, creativity and all round performance…

Neither team is noted for its defensive qualities – both maintain adequately, the Giants probably coming off slightly ahead – but what they bring in terms of offensive diversity, creativity and all round performance is what has led these two ‘giants’ (don’t get confused) of the game to reach the haloed realms of the SUPERBOWL! 

The inches are all around us…in every step of the game…in every walk of life…it’s the inches that keep us going, edging towards that sacred goal…Some of you may recognise this as a mangled version of Al Pacino’s character-defining speech in the film, Any Given Sunday, or some of you may have just been inspired to believe these words not only echo in the show-stopping world of American football, but also in the mundane everyday proceedings of normal life.

…maintaining a stiff upper lip…

Don’t go to sleep Sunday night – work won’t need you Monday – stay up and lose all your woes and inhibitions. One team’s from New York, the other New England – if those names aren’t enough for you dismissive Brits, then…forget maintaining a stiff upper lip to these boisterous, uninitiated yanks; refute that instinctive British prejudice and banality and plonk yourself before your 52 inch widescreen to watch, what is no doubt, ads and all, (I’ve not even mentioned the half-time show! – probably because it’s Madonna) THE ONE and ONLY ‘Greatest Spectacle On… Earth’ – I’m excited…can you tell? 

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