Despite the Ultimate Fighting Champion being a pay-per-view giant, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) entering nearly a billion homes worldwide, there are still strong misunderstandings about what I believe to be the world’s fastest growing sport. Shockingly there are still fight fans out there that argue MMA is little more then human cock fighting, and those fans of it are the lowest of the low.

But these critics can only be seen as stubborn or ignorant, as anyone taking the time to look into the facts will see Mixed Martial Arts is no different from any other combat sport. I must emphasise that MMA is a sport that began by searching to find the ultimate martial art. These martial arts include karate, wrestling, muay thai, jiu-jitsu and boxing, which are all well respected in their own right. These individual art-forms are performed and practised world-wide, and by creating a combat sport, which integrates all of them into one, it can only make for a fantastic spectacle.

…the most complete combat sport in existence.

It is for this reason alone that I can’t understand any viewpoint upheld by a negative critic claiming the sport is human cock fighting. If you take all individual martial arts, of which include boxing, all of which are highly respected, and combine them, the sport resulting should seemingly be considered the most complete combat sport in existence.

Today largely thanks to the dominant MMA company; the Ultimate Fighting Championship, MMA houses some of the most well rounded athletes in the world. As competition has increased, so has the skill-sets of its combatants, and a new complete martial art has emerged – MMA.

…always multiple fights that are worth watching…

MMA is the sport that undoubtedly comprises the greatest fighters in the world, it is regulated strictly by state athletic commissions, with a near unblemished health record, and currently is captivating audiences in a way that boxing simply cannot do. I am a boxing fan, but the number of boxers I enjoy watching seems to be dwindling rapidly, with more and more matches struggling to earn their high garnering pay-per-views. On an MMA card however, there are always multiple fights that are worth watching and the complexity of the sport means that a fight can change in an instant.

Please fight fans, dispel any preconceptions that you may hold about MMA, and take the time to watch an event. Not only will you be captivated by the excitement an MMA card can produce, but also hopefully you will grow a newfound respect for these very talented athletes.  

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