Transfer deadline day: One of two days of the year where anything can happen.

No one is safe and it is inevitable for players to move during this time of the year. Some players, more than others move quickly and sometimes desperately to move to another club, this years notoriety was Peter Odemwingie.

With interest from Queens Park Rangers and the window of opportunity to move to the West London club closing on him, the Nigerian striker personally attempted to force a move to the club by driving from West Brom to Loftus Road without the club’s permission.

…described the club’s action as “Disappointing”…

It all started with Odemwingie handing in a transfer request, which was swiftly rejected by West Bromwich Albion. Controversially, Odemwingie took to Twitter and described the club’s action as “Disappointing”.  

‘I’m deeply hurt and in some ways offended by the lack of reciprocal common respect from the management of West Bromwich Albion’ Odemwingie said.

…appalling behaviour…

The club announced a week later that the striker would not move during the January transfer window: It’s well documented about Peter. We had an offer and we don’t intend to sell any of our players,” said technical director Richard Garlick. “When an offer comes in, we speak to the player out of courtesy. We’ve had that chat with Peter and he knows the situation.”

For a player to be aware of his situation at his current club and still go against his team’s wishes is appalling behavior.

…When I want to do something, I Do it…

Odemwingie took to Twitter again and repeatedly criticized the club for preventing him from moving to QPR. He tweeted: ‘I am crazy haha adviser text saying don’t tweet, it weakens our position. Doesn’t weaken nothing! When I want to do something, I Do it.”

As we all know, Odemwingie tried his utmost best to ‘do it’.

The club has been incredibly loyal to him…

For Odemwingie to act so immaturely and stupidly only brings shame on himself and West Brom. The club has been incredibly loyal to him since his arrival and he has acted appallingly. Odemwingie has made a decent start to the season and it is understandable that the club want to keep him from going to a Premier League rival.

With the club deciding to keep Odemwingie in first team plans and not to let him rot with the reserves which some would expect to happen, only shows the clubs true loyalty to Odemwingie.

Peter must repay the teams loyalty and trust in him. The team is currently in 8th place in the league and achieving a place in Europe can be accomplished. Now is the time to shut up and let the football do the talking for Peter Odemwingie, for the sake of his reputation.

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