The big story of the week: I found out I was living in a cuckoo land, where apparently racism doesn’t exist on the field of football and Sepp Blatter is president of FIFA, which according to Wikipedia is the International Federation of Association Football.

Why is this man running the biggest footballing body? A bigger question: how much is he paying his researchers? Clearly not enough. Last time I checked the FA was investigating John Terry for racist remarks made to Anton Ferdinand and Luis Suarez was recently charged for racially abusing Patrice Evra

…Mad Hatter’s playground.

I have only one explanation as to how on earth this man has lasted in the position of President of FIFA for so long – the world’s gone crazy and we are certainly moving through the Mad Hatter’s playground. 

Well, at least the good folks of MouthLondon Sport are more attuned to what the heck is actually going on in the world of sport at the moment, than Mr Blatter. This week Louise Gwilliam paid tribute to the late Smokin Joe Frazier and James Osborn gave us a fascinating breakdown of some successful sports stars who turned TV personality. Tim Poole looked into why the Brits are lacking in female tennis stars and the extractor checked out the features which make a sporting venue a fortress.   

…under the cold microscope.

I hate to say it but moving through the Mad Hatter’s playground is the perfect environment for journalists to take their stab at a contentious issue and next week his highness Sepp Blatter won’t be the only one probed under the cold microscope. Michael Dawson will assess whether autobiographies are really a good idea, and our F1 consultant Will Hamilton will deduce potential signs and symptoms of a petrolhead.

Furthermore to celebrate the release of the new Brad Pitt/Aaron Sorkin vehicle Moneyball, which is already receiving some spicy Oscar buzz, Tim Poole will look at memorable sporting movies for Top 5.   

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