Tears were shed, nails were bitten, fists were pumped and enthusiastic high fives were met (both up-high and down-low) at the close of this season’s second transfer window. However while the outcome of these £130 million athletic diasporas remains to be seen, lets take a cool minute to discuss, appreciate and in some cases just marvel at the top 5 Premier players of last month.


Daniel Sturridge

A player whose surname conveniently rhymes with courage (and, at a stretch, porridge) has exhibited some truly formidable goal-scoring ability for the Reds, including a casual two-goaled beauty against Everton last Tuesday. Fans will be hoping this run continues!


Raheem Sterling

The speed of this newly confident diminutive winger has wowed all of late. In fact, Steven Gerrard (who was reportedly moved to tears) has spoken out his belief that ‘dream Raheem’ will be a shoe-in for Hodgson’s squad this summer.


Adam Johnson

Those at all conscious on Saturday, January 11 must have heard of Johnson’s hat-trick stunner against a shell-shocked Fulham that not only ensured a comfortable victory but also lifted that most embarrassing of labels – ‘bottom of the league’


David Silva

What article about football this season can go without mentioning Man City? And what article can fail to mention Silva’s contribution to his team’s success? His achievements last month lay less in goal scoring but more in assists. And what crucial assists they were.


Edin Dzeko

The coming of the New Year saw the late arrival of Edin Dzeko’s game, which seemed to be vacationing for the first part of the season. It seems to have been worth the wait as time and again last month Dzeko sowed his goals all over the pitch, but mainly between the posts.

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