Unfortunately diving has become a big part in the game of football during the modern era. Statistically during the first 13 games of the 2012/13 season 19 players were shown yellow cards for diving related incidents.

Lets take a look at some Premier League Players who have been criticised for simulation:


Ashley Young (Manchester United)

The Old Trafford winger has been involved in some huge dives that have even annoyed Sir Alex Ferguson saying that he ‘overdid’ it. Although this season he has been under the radar in these stats than in recent years.


Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

Anfield frontman Suarez was booked quite a bit last season for going down too easily. Even Stoke City manager Tony Pulis went on record saying that he should be banned for unnecessary simulation.


Gareth Bale (Tottenham)

Spurs star Bale has been regarded by critics as the worst of the lot in the top tier of English Football. Statistics prove this is correct with 4 dives so far in this campaign which is more than anyone else.


Mario Balotelli (Manchester City)

Mario’s reputation does not help when it comes to going down too easily in the box. The striker can be a bit wild at times and with a couple of bookings to his name this season. Another interesting fact is that he has played in Serie A which has the highest diving rate in European football.


Fernando Torres (Chelsea)

The Spaniard maybe be having a tough time at Chelsea at the moment but has also gone on record for diving especially in a match against Manchester United two seasons ago. So far this season he has been booked twice for his dives.

Referees can now award free-kicks and penalties for any type of contact it seems these days. It certainly wasn’t like this 10-15 years ago when players still had some freedom to go into challenges without worrying about cautions. You could say that the lenient style of the game these days is causing the increasing number of dives. What’s more worrying is it will be a hard task to get rid of it in the future.

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