After another glorious month of football, we here at Mouthlondon have picked a few players who have stood out. 

Starting with the defence, and we have two of our allotted five slots going to player’s who have shown exemplary form in displaying agility, awareness and goal scoring prowess. They have played similar styles, acting akin to wing-backs breaking forward at every opportunity to provide ammunition for their respective sides.


5. Rafael

On the right we have Rafael, the young Brazilian at Manchester United, who not only scored a sensational goal in his side’s defeat of Liverpool, but has also shown signs of pure class and magic to stun many a Premiership defence.


4. Leighton Baines

Much the same can be said of Leighton Baines, our left-sided back, who’s surging runs into opposition boxes, have led to a number of assists, all wrapped up nicely with sweetly struck penalty last weekend to salvage a point against Wigan.


3. Juan Mata

In midfield we have two Spaniards – two masterful wizards of our domestic league –both not much more than 5ft high, but both the orchestrators of the majority of their side’s goals. If Hazard was the star of August, then Mata has taken the reigns for September and through some deft touches, a couple of hammering goals, and a healthy partnership with his compatriot upfront – Torres – that seems to be improving with each game. Essentially he has given Chelsea a focal point around which all their other world-class stars can revolve.


2. Santi Cazorla

Santi Cazorla, is of course the second, but no less important. The Spaniard who has arrived at the centre stage in this league, has carried off every performance with aplomb and ambition. This man has lit up the pitch, and given Arsenal something to believe in, when yet again they seemed to be floundering at the start of the season. A ‘delight to watch’, his manager says in reference, and those few words contain all that is needed to be said of this truly exhilarating, match-defining player.


1. Demba Ba

So our loan ranger upfront, and hasn’t he played that position well, is Newcastle’s man on fire, Demba Ba. An incredible goal against Reading and a number of excellent finishes in his last few games leaves Ba the league’s top goal-scorer, with 6. Shame he couldn’t grab one against the United boys at the weekend.

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