Here is the conclusion of our Top 5 Sports Moguls:

Bernie Ecclestone

…gradually assuming control of Formula One. 

Bernie Ecclestone may have invested in Queens Park Rangers football club for a short time, but he is best known as the president of FOM (Formula One Management). In essence, he runs Formula One, particularly the contracts for the circuits, and the television rights. Ecclestone was originally owner of the Brabham F1 team, before gradually assuming control of Formula One. Bernie, despite being in his eighties, is still maintaining the energy and commitment to ensure that F1 remains a popular worldwide sport and it is arguable that his involvement in Formula One has turned it from a sport for enthusiasts into one of huge global interest.

Roman Abramovich

…the Champions League title still eludes them,

Roman Abramovich is best known as the owner of Chelsea FC. Arguably the man who started the trend of rich moguls owning Premiership football clubs, Abramovich transformed Chelsea’s fortunes. His money was spent on assembling an expensive yet talented group of players and was fashioned into a winning team by Jose Mourinho. Since Abramovich took over the club in 2003, Chelsea have won 3 league titles, 3 FA Cup’s and 2 League Cup’s and although the Champions League title still eludes them, they have regularly reached the latter stages. Although the Abramovich era since Mourinho’s reign has featured regular changes in manager (Chelsea have had 6 since Mourinho left in 2007) every Chelsea fan must admit that without Abramovich and his money, they would not have been as successful.

Images courtesy of Roman Abramovich and Bernie Ecclestone


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