The conclusion of the Top 5 unexpected sporting exits!


3. Ben Ainslie

Britain’s greatest ever sailor and three time olympic gold medalist was disqualified at the sailing World Championships this weekend after a moment of sheer madness. Ainslie was in a strong position to take the title, sitting in first place after 8 of the 10 races. However, after an altercation with the filming crew, he was deducted 74 points falling to 11th place and is now unable to win a medal and a 6th world championship title.

…he entered the water…

Ainslie was fuming after the official television boat had, on numerous occasions, encroached upon the racing waters. After crossing the finishing line he entered the water and swam over to the tv crew, engaging in a heated argument before returning to his own boat. He was fortunate not to have been hit by the maximum penalty of a 2 year ban which would have ruled him out of the 2012 Olympics. Luckily, his uncharacteristic hot head has just left him looking rather silly.


2. Mike Tindall

On that fateful night…

Another Englishman whose senseless actions left him ruing his behaviour was England rugby center, Mike Tindall. On that fateful night in Queenstown the former England captain entered a bar with his ex-girlfriend, only for his drunken antics to be captured on camera. Subsequently thrown out of the England elite players squad and handed a hefty fine of £25,000, Tindall’s 11 year test career was abruptly ended, a career in which he earned 75 caps and a World Cup winner’s medal. A sour end to his elusive reign in England’s increasingly criticised set up.


1. Sam Warburton

In the same World Cup, two teams were highly praised for their actions on the pitch rather than their antics in the bars. New Zealand v Wales, was the final that the general public wanted, a battle between the two in-form teams. It is almost undeniable that this would have ensued, had it not been for a shock decision by referee Rolland in Wales’s semi-final clash with France.

…shattered the dreams…

In the 18th minute, Welsh captain Sam Warburton was shown an instant red for a dangerous tip-tackle on French winger Vincent Clerc. By the letter of the law, Rolland probably got it right. But being a World Cup semi final and the fact that other referees in the tournament had been far from consistent on this rule, it seemed extremely harsh. A decision that shattered the dreams of the Welsh Nation and ultimately one that will be talked about for years. Who knows what could have been…

Image courtesy of Ben Ainslie, Mike Tindall and Sam Warburton


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