Being an Olympian is a huge honour and is the pinnacle for anyone taking up sport.

However, let’s see how this status can be utilised outside of their realm:


Join a Reality TV Show

Dancing on Ice or Strictly Come Dancing have been a popular hit for Olympians to maintain their status in the public eye. This year Gymnast Beth Tweddle and Luke Campbell took part in the skating version. These types of shows should be quite good for the athletic stars and they should feel at ease compared to entering programmes like Big Brother where it is possible to be bored stiff for a couple of weeks or going down under to a certain jungle.


Working in Television

A lot of London 2012 competitors did take part in being pundits for the actual games. Mark Cavendish is one of the highest profile stars of Team GB to work for the BBC coverage. No doubt a lot of them will appear on a Question of Sport at one stage or some sort of quiz show.


Write a bestselling autobiography

This is a common factor of being a well-known celebrity.  It gives current and former stars the chance to express what they were going through during their journey of being the best in their respected fields. Mo Farah, Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Ennis have autobiographies either completed or in the works.


A Newspaper or Magazine deal

This is bound to happen to any celebrity sports person. It keeps the Olympic status good by constant mainstream publicity and is great for fans that are after interviews and information of certain goings on.


Healthy Eating and Endorsements

Subway is using sports stars to co-operate with maintaining the healthy image that sport should have and to help future hopefuls progress to the next level. You will never see Olympians being sponsored by McDonalds promoting the Big Mac or Pizza companies so Subway is the right fit as the healthiest chain in the fast food market. Famous Olympians include swimmer Michael Phelps who have been involved in a lot of advertising work with the company in recent times.

Usain Bolt promotes a lot of his merchandise from his sponsors sporting giants PUMA. Mo Farah has teamed up with Nike, Bupa and Lucozade. 

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