For many years Match of the Day has been the authority when it comes to Premier League highlights and Alan Shearer was a deadly striker in his playing days. But whenever Alan Shearer appears on Match of the Day I feel that the programme could do a lot better.

Here’s why:


Shearer’s receding hairstyle was one of his trademarks as a player. But with his hair disappearing further since his playing days it stands out dramatically on the Match of the Day set. The look just doesn’t suit for television.

Tone of voice

Analysis of a match can be difficult to follow for the average football fan particularly as most people just watch Match of the Day to see the goals go in. But it is hard to stay switched on when presented with Shearer’s analysis of your favourite teams’ performance in a voice which hardly transmits excitement.

Lack of quality insight

The tone of voice wouldn’t be so bad if the quality of the analysis was high. Alan Hansen’s catchphrase ‘schoolboy defending’ still raises a smile, but Shearer has so far failed to come up with a catchphrase of his own or speak without resorting to cliché and stating the obvious.

Too many ex-players on the programme

One expert pundit whose played the game before is a valuable addition to football highlights package, but with Match of the Day already being presented by an ex-pro, Gary Lineker, does MOTD really need ANOTHER former player to tell us what we can see with our own eyes?

Not all players should be analysts

Shearer’s personal qualities as a pundit aside, this really is the crux of the matter. Television seems to fall over itself to provide ex-pros to analyse games, but as productions like the Guardian football podcast shows, people who have not played the game professionally can still analyse the game well.

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