Why will Wayne Rooney be moving over to Manchester United next season?


His ability

It almost seems that in the speculation surrounding a potential move, Wayne Rooney’s ability as a footballer has been totally overlooked. While not in the class of Messi or Ronaldo, Rooney is an exceptional footballer with fantastic intelligence on the ball and still scoring plenty of goals.


WayneRooney_BrentFlandersHis versatility

Arguably a victim of his own selflessness, Rooney will play anywhere for his team, whether as an out and out striker, out on the wing, sitting just in front of or even joining the midfield. His preference will always be to play as a striker, but he remains a huge asset on the bench for Sir Alex Ferguson.


His age

He may not be a young player any more, but Rooney is arguably just about to enter his prime years as a striker. At £30 million, United have still got their money’s worth over the years but could still enjoy a few more him.


His work ethic

Ferguson has always valued a player that will run for the entire game, pressuring the opposition into losing the ball. Rooney has always been a fighter on the pitch and has shown the willingness to fight in high pressure games, even finding himself in the fullback position at times.


His influence

Who better for players in the youth ranks to learn from than Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney? Both can provide advice for the next generation of talent coming through Old Trafford, possibly even beyond their time as players.

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