It’s with resounding disappointment, as a Chelsea fan, that Torres looks set to head back to his homeland following an ugly stint with the boys in blue.

I’ll have a discretionary cackle at the expense, about £50 million to be precise, of Roman Abramovich as the Russian mogul looks set to cut his losses by releasing Torres early from his contract. I don’t like that guy much but I do like Torres which, after the past three seasons, is hard to explain to fellow Chelseans. 

Everything pointed to the Spaniard being worth the pesos, laying impressive foundations in his formative years at his first club Atletico Madrid, then making a considerable impact with Liverpool during his three year stint at Anfield. However since his arrival at Stamford Bridge, he appears to have hit the siesta button, producing consecutively dismal performances and sliding statistics. Coming from Liverpool having scored the fastest fifty Premier League goals in the clubs history, to taking 903 minutes of game time in Chelsea colours to score his first goal wasn’t the ideal introduction to the club. Since then Torres’ average is one goal for every 312 minutes of playing time.

…The crowd jeered at him…

Now, talks of transfers are rife with Atletico Madrid and big guns Barcelona both showing interest in picking up The Kid and bringing him home. Spain is the ideal place where  he can revive his play, and escape a repulsive fan club who’s cash culture blinds them.

Chelsea fans booed him at the Swansea game last week, during his substitution for the in-form Demba Ba. The crowd jeered at him before the game had even begun, good luck to any player trying to pull themselves out of a scoring slump with that sort of support.

…Victories are built on much more than money…

Money doesn’t always guarantee success, it just isn’t that simple, and it never has been. I didn’t breathe a sigh of relief when we signed Torres, I didn’t start a premature trophy-engraving mission in the knowledge that we paid the most therefore we’ll get the most. Victories are built on much more than money.

Cut your losses Roman, your pockets are deeper than the Mariana Trench anyway. Torres inevitable exit is a win for everyone – the mental state of the fans, the morale of the club and your, albeit enormous, bank balance.

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  1. Rhianna

    An interesting read. What were the thoughts of the coach and players, as to succeed in any team sports-the team plays a big part and the role of the coach.(If not the biggest)



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