This week a special community project is taking place in Tower Hamlets.

The project is called back on track and it comes at a time when London really needs a pick me up. Based around both physical and mental well being, the project helps long term unemployed people aged 20-30 who need help to get their lives back on track.

The projects organiser, Simon Piccirillo, started the project having worked in Tower Hamlets for the Fire service for 8 years on the Red Watch at Whitechapel Fire Station and having seen first-hand the negative effects of unemployment and mental health, felt a project like this is needed in the capital.

…Rock Climbing, Yoga and Thai Boxing…

The project is fully supported by the local council and mayor, who have shown a great interest in the activities that have been planned. These include Rock Climbing, Yoga and Thai Boxing. The scheme is also by supported The London Fire Brigade and various gyms and physical activity centres in the area.

With students finding it harder and harder to find jobs once they graduate, it is refreshing that there is initiatives aimed t helping people to get their lives back on track.

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