Newly crowned UEFA Supercup champions Bayern Munich took their first opportunity to avenge their 2012 Champions League final loss to Chelsea on penalties in Munich last year, defeating the Premier League side in front of a home crowd in Prague and allowing Bayern’s manager Pep Guardiola to gain the upper hand over his long-time nemesis Jose Mourinho.

Withstanding a highly credible performance from Mourinho’s men, the German side displayed the effortless patience that defines them early on and despite a tenacious midfield battle, the home side were a persistent threat to a deep-defending but equally opportunistic Chelsea.

Holding onto 63% possession for field play that stretched out to 132 minutes, Bayern failed to capitalise on shots, following 35 attempts and 15 corners. The home side were afforded considerable latitude which Chelsea’s Ramirez dismissal allowed in forcing the visitors to play the final 40 minutes as a ten man unit, something they did with resounding tenacity.

…the German champions looked beatable…

To say Bayern had something Chelsea didn’t would be dismissive of the circumstances of their penalty shoot-out victory. With ample finals experience after winning the treble last season, the German champions looked beatable and were lucky to grab the win, as any side are when a result is determined in shoot-out situations.

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