So in Part 2 We take a look at the next big fight of the night:

Vitor Belfort VS. Yoshihiro Akiyama – Belfort def. Akiyama via KO (1.52 Round 1)

This bout had an almost inevitable result, as long as two things happened; 1. Vitor turned up and 2. Akiyama stuck to his word and refused to take this bout to the ground. These both happened, and therefore Belfort’s ridiculous hand speed, skilled boxing and ruthless ability to jump on an opening prospered, as he sent Akiyama his 3rd straight loss and gained himself a ‘Knockout of the Night’ bonus.

…Akiyama was too slow for Belfort…

Belfort was motivated and simply a far superior stand-up fighter in this bout. Akiyama is too keen to put on a show, refusing to clinch and happy to stand and bang. But due to this there was only one outcome. Despite being game, Akiyama was too slow for Belfort, and therefore held on for as long as he could before Vitor struck, and finished.

Very impressive performance for Belfort who showed all his devastating strengths, but a worrying defeat for Akiyama who although being involved in three ‘Fight of the Night’ performances in his four fights in the UFC could find himself without an employer in the near future.

…interesting stylistic match-ups…

Next for Vitor Belfort – I would like to see him take on the loser of the championship bout between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami, both providing interesting stylistic match-ups.

Next for Yoshihiro Akiyama – A drop in weight to 170lbs (in order to keep his job) and exciting bouts with heavy hitters like Anthony Johnson, Dan Hardy or Josh Koscheck.

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