Join us now for part 3 of the Ultimate Fighting Championship:

Brian Ebersole VS. Dennis Hallman – Ebersole def. Hallman via TKO (4.28 Round 1)

If you’d tuned in to the broadcast just as these two fighters squared off you might have questioned the seriousness of the sport. Ebersole sported the ‘hairrow’, an arrow carved out from his chest hair, and Hallman wore what can only be described as a teeny weeny blue speedo. That peculiarity aside, these two are both highly skilled veterans which makes Ebersole’s victory that bit more impressive. Despite the furious start by Hallman, gaining Ebersole’s back, Brain was able to defend well, gain top position and implement fantastic ground and pound to finish Dennis in the first round.

…the first ever ‘thanks for getting those trunks out of the octagon’ bonus…

This fight didn’t involve any of Ebersole’s exciting innovative moves, but did emphasise his ability to hang with some of the best. He also managed to gain the first ever ‘thanks for getting those trunks out of the octagon’ bonus (no joke) which would have made the night even more fruitful for Ebersole.

Next for Brian Ebersole – He called out Matt Serra in a post fight interview, but I would like to see him fight someone a little bit more relevant, maybe a Martin Kampmann or Paulo Thiago.

Next for Dennis Hallman – If he keeps his job after his attire antics, possibly a bout with Brit, John Hathaway could interest.

Images courtesy of the UFC


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