Who would want to be Arsene Wenger right now, a man who has lost considerable backing from his team’s fan-base, as well as some support from senior management? No-one? Wrong, Rafa Benitez would probably give his right arm to have at least half of Stamford Bridge not chanting his name in anger during any given home game.

Following his mid-week outburst and the several training ground arguments reported this season, the Chelsea faithful no longer wait for games to turn sour to begin filling the stadium with vile chants. Despite being aware of the hatred, Benitez appears calm on the touchline, mainly because the insults are as poorly formed as Torres’ runs into opposing territory.

Saturday’s home game against West Brom highlighted this perfectly, as fans waited only 5 minutes to commence their verbal assault. Slogans and chants were filled with nostalgic verses that pined for the return of Mourinho and Di Matteo. Whilst Di Matteo returning would please many fans, only the homecoming of Mourinho would ensure universal delight amongst supporters.

…What will then be interesting to see is who the fans turn on next…

What is odd though is the absence of abuse aimed at guiltier club representatives. Where are the banners advocating the removal of Abramovich from Chelsea’s head office? They are probably gathering dust in a cupboard stacked up against unused placards that rightly demonize Terry for the racial abuse he was convicted of last year.

It is clear Chelsea fans have a short memory and will likely forget all of this rage as soon as the interim manager packs his bags this summer. What will then be interesting to see is who the fans turn on next, will they blame another scapegoat after another unsuccessful season or will they think and direct their anger at the real culprits; themselves and the impatient mentality that plagues the club. 

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