Tokyo have beaten out the likes of Istanbul and Madrid to secure hosting rights for the 32nd Olympiad and are poised to throw everything at the 2020 affair.

Doubts hovered over the viability of a country who have taken a battering over recent years, with the devastating tsunami of 2011 initiating nuclear power plant crises that have clouded Fukushima ever since. Couple this with an earthquake and it’s almost impossible to deny a country with such resilience the opportunity to have a taste of something good.

The country are pledging considerable capital, with $4.5 billion being poured into the creation of 10 permanent venues in addition to the $1bn renovation of the National Olympic Stadium that framed the ’64 summer games in a nation still bearing war scars, evidence of a country not foreign to hosting large scale sports events and more so in the wake of testing times.

…building The Village within reach of the major venues in Tokyo Bay…

The city will build on the central-athlete direction that London 2012 developed, building The Village within reach of the major venues in Tokyo Bay, offering a mutual space where spectators and athletes can blend.

They won’t only offer this but can also promise safety amid ongoing concerns of Russia’s delicate political stance ahead of the winter games in Sochi, and the shadow cast over Rio in the build-up to the 2016 Olympics.

Having their previous two bids rejected for a lack of spirit, you can’t deny a city’s passion that shows there’s certainly something poetic about inviting athletes accustomed to getting back up after being knocked down into a city that knows how to all too well.

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  1. Rhianna

    I think Japan will do great things with the Olympics and giving them the Olympics will bring much needed infrastructure and development, which will see exciting new architectural designs just like Beijing’s Birds Nest. It will also bring new jobs and help potentially bolster their economy and something as a nation they can strive towards and unify for.



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