This week Chelsea announced the appointment of their new manager Andre Villas-Boas, after the blues paid his former club, FC Porto, £13.3m compensation to release him from his contract in Portugal.

For many Chelsea fanatics, including myself, we know nothing about Andre Villas-Boas. Therefore I am left considering how concerned am I about Chelsea’s title and trophy winning potential next season? The answer is very concerned.

Many who know Villas-Boas well are saying he can guide Chelsea to their long-term obsession – the Champions League.  For one thing, he has experience winning trophies in his career. Last season Villas-Boas won the league cup and Europa League in his first season with FC Porto. Furthermore, he served under “The Special One”, Jose Mourinho, during his time at Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan.

…a dressing room filled with testosterone-fuelled egos…

However can Villas-Boas build a Chelsea team, who looked sluggish and pretty ineffective for more then three quarters of last season? Also, how tough will it be for Villas-Boas to handle and manage a dressing room filled with testosterone-fuelled egos? My major worry is does he have enough experience to counsel players who have more experience and how possibly know much more about football then he does?

When Roman Abramovich could have selected a manager with a greater wealth of experience like Frank Rijkaard or Guus Hiddink, he chose to pick someone new and fresh to the business in 33-year-old novice Andre Villas-Boas. The problem with this is Abramovich’s strict managerial policy of taking immediate action when a manager shows signs of failure. So if Chelsea gets off to bad start next season, he will not be nonchalant in his dealing with the new Chelsea manager.

…how can the club build a solid legacy when they are being managed by a new person each week?

Villas-Boas is Chelsea’s eighth manager, under the reign of Roman Abramovich since Claudio Ranieri back in 2004, and this is major issue for any new manager trying to build a future at Stamford Bridge. How can Chelsea grow as a team, how can the club build a solid legacy when they are being managed by a new person each week?


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