It was an extremely thrilling and nail-biting start to the knock-out stages of this year’s Champions League contest.

By the end of it all, sweat and tears would fill football pitches, dressing rooms and living rooms all the way from London to Milan. This of course, excludes Celtic fans in Glasgow that most likely finished their crying weeks in advance as soon as it was announced they were to play Juventus.

Whilst many could easily speculate this year’s final would contain at least, if not both, Barcelona and Real Madrid, I predict that neither of them will walk away with the trophy come May 25. As unpatriotic as it may be to suggest that a German may lift the cup at Wembley, I believe it makes perfect sense to predict Bayern Munich will be crowned champions.

…Germany are still be bitterly disappointed…

And here’s why:

The whole team, no, the whole city, scratch that, the whole of Germany are still be bitterly disappointed at losing to Chelsea last year after having played so well in the build-up to that final. What more fitting chance is there for Bayern to pay back some of last year’s humiliation than coming to Wembley and lifting the trophy in front of millions of London eyes.

With so much riding on their win, it comes as no surprise that many bets have been made on both sides of the spectrum: win or lose. For a comprehensive look at how they rank check out

…talented players are hard to come by…

Of course, it also helps having a team packed with extremely young and talented players! However, the only issue the team faces is depth; beyond the starting eleven, talented players are hard to come by. So, as long as the starters can remain fit and healthy for the next several months, there is no reason why Bayern cannot claim the ultimate prize in European football.

Plus, their mascot is a bear. If all of this isn’t enough to convince you of their winning potential then I fear nothing ever will be!

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  1. Rhianna

    All I can say… Brasil 2014… Watchout…Go Deutschland!!!!


    Glenn Reply:

    I’m not saying I called it, but… I called it! Haha



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