In the olden days morning television was dominated by a certain fitness instructor. He was on GMTV and I remember specifically being annoyed that my sister wanted to watch him when I was watching cartoons.

Well that man is back! Iconic fitness instructor Mr Motivator has teamed up with Quaker Oats and  Denise Van Outen to produce a series of two minute work outs that you can do at home before breakfast.

The reason being is that according to statistics so many people fail to keep healthy as a New Year’s Resolution. With such busy lifestyles being led these days these two minute work outs are fun, free and easy to fit into our daily routine.



If you are having trouble following a healthy regime as a New Years resolution then check out these stats from Quaker Oats and start getting fit:


DVO_Quaker2MInMover3Exercise at home

40% of women won’t leave the house in January unless absolutely necessary

Make it cheap or free

Frugal Brits spend a mere £11 a month on fitness on average

Fun and easy

Almost half of UK adults (47%) would be more likely to take up exercise if it involved the fun factor


One in five (21%) want to exercise whilst multitasking, such as doing our daily chores

Make it snappy

A quarter of Brits (25%) are more open to exercise that takes two minutes out of their busy day


So there really is no reason not to work out especially as you have the titan that is Mr Motivator telling you what to do. Check out the series on Youtube here.

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