Yogurt is a food that is really good for you.

I am obsessed with yogurt and in the past have turned down amazing puddings for it. The funny thing about yogurt is that if you look at the dairy aisle in your local supermarket, it is mostly yogurt. It’s true that some of them can be very bad for you (I’m looking at you Rolo yogurts), but on the whole they all have some amazing nutrition in them that benefits your body.

A rich source of calcium

This one is a no brainer really. Yogurt comes from milk and what is milk made of? That’s right! Lots of calcium. The science behind yogurt means that the happy live cultures actually increase the absorption of calcium into the body. This means that the 450mg of calcium you get from an 8 ounce serving of yogurt would yield more calcium than a same milk serving.

Yogurt is easier to digest

Some people just can’t take milk. Yogurt is actually milder to the body for a number of reasons. It all comes down to the live cultures that produce certain enzymes that break down the milk proteins. Without such a strong dose your body works faster and has no nasty after effects because of it.

Super Immunity

Yogurt is a super foo because it actually boosts your immunity. Because yogurt contains live cultures that are basically friendly bacteria, the body to a small extent sees them as a threat. To combat them, your body will produce more white blood cells to boost your immunity.

Helping with down there

If you have a decent amount of yogurt daily (in moderation of course) the cultures actually help to reduce the amount of yeast colonies in the vagina. This In turn reduces the risk of infections, which is something that is very uncomfortable.

Lowering your cholesterol

Our culture is a big fan of fatty foods. Even the healthiest of us could have high cholesterol that, if left at a high level, will one day increase the risk of heart failure. Yogurt and its friendly bacteria absorb cholesterol, meaning that less enters your blood stream.



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