When the bitter winds and chilly mornings set in around September time people lose interest in staying fit.

There is no excuse to not go to a gym. All gyms are indoors and usually are very warm (and that’s not taking into account how hot you can get on a workout). And yet the majority of people see winter as a resting period. With Christmas food and the New Year resolution approaching it seems everyone thinks it will be weight they can shift next year.

However, fat will not shift without the proper health and exercise regime and not only will you feel worse for it, but suffer the humiliation of looking bad too.

So here is my top 5 tips for staying fit and looking good this December:


Wear layers

It sounds silly, but some people think that a good half an hour jog, in a t-shirt, during cold weather is better than layering up. Your body still needs to feel warm and even if you are feeling hot, your skin may be freezing. The best thing to do is to wear layers so you are properly insulated. If you feel hot then remove a layer. Also a good thing to remember is that you don’t need to sweat to have a good work out. Make sure the layer that touches your skin can absorb sweat as well so that marks don’t move through to the top layers.


Wear shorts

Although trackies are a snug choice, there is nothing better than showing off a pair of well-toned legs (for both guys and gals). If you feel confident then wear a white top; this shows off your chest, but also contrasts against your skin making it seem like you are more tanned than you really are (and tans are difficult to get when the sun goes down at 4pm). Rather than going for a bright or black pair of shorts, aim to wear a grey pair. With the majority of work outs happening in bright or blacks, you’ll stand out from the crowd and the tan works well here too. Check out Zalando for some good deals on grey Nike shorts.


Eat Less

Christmas is approaching and that means more parties, comfort food and gorging. The trick to surviving this fat apocalypse is to be sensible. You’ve probably heard it all before, but it is really all about moderation. Don’t finish the entire brie just because you can, leave some for tomorrow. All the yummy foods we get as gifts or like to get in for the Christmas period will last. Shocking I know. Who would have thought food could last more than 5 days?

If you aren’t willing to eat smaller portions or even know when to stop then don’t even bother trying to work out and stay healthy. You can go to the gym and do as many sit ups as you like, but it won’t change you, as the wrong diet can ruin all your hard work.

So remember: Don’t eat everything, look at your portion sizes and try to keep things for longer. Don’t eat the whole tin of sweets when you can have 3 a day for a month. It’s the little things that you can turn into rewards.


Wear what makes you comfortable

If you are not happy with how you look then you can bet you are not going to go to the gym and work out in front of a room of strangers. It sound silly, but most people feel happier in a brand that they feel is fashionable. Generally I wear Nike brand clothing to work out in and I get excited about Nike UK stuff. Whether it’s theirtrainers, hoodies or shorts. I look good and feel good which in turn affects my performance when I’m out jogging, playing rugby or working the weights.

Find what you like to wear and if you’re happy in it then you will feel better, lose weight and build muscle. Simple really.


Be happy you’re working out

Finally, this is the most important point of all. Look forward to working out. It’s not a chore and you should be happy you’re staying healthy and fit. Exercise releases endorphins that make you happy and all that work will pay off sooner or later. Remember that exercise isn’t magical and that the more you work at it the better the pay off.


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My ambition is to become an actor and a professional dancer. I currently attend an acting academy in North London, studying a 3 year BA (HONS) in acting. I have a passion for sports and it has been a part of my life from an early age. I've had previous experience in latin american (held the title of the British Championship in 2004 + 2006). Got introduced to MouthLondon by a friend and I'm looking forward to reading some interesting articles along the way!

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