For some reason I have the impression that Christmas comes earlier every year.

Not because of the cold or the snow that eventually starts to cover the streets, but because of an infinite number of products that are inevitably connected in everybody’s mind to the winter holidays: advent calendars, chocolate Santas, red and silver and golden Christmas tree balls… This year, I’ve seen the first edible Santa on the 10th of October. October! And Oxford Street was already lit with reindeers and sleighs merely two weeks after that. For the fifth year in a row I said to myself: “Christmas is here, two months too early.”

The problem with Christmas being already here is, needless to say, food. There are so many delicious things that we simply cannot find during the rest of the year: chestnuts, stollen, panettone and all kinds of biscuits and sweets coming from all over the world. The fact that they basically don’t exist for the majority of the year makes the cravings even stronger and the temptation period stretches not only over the two weeks of holidays, but two whole months. Plus, Christmas stands and markets start to open all over town, with crêpes, churros and all sorts of foods being sold at every corner.

…looking for a boiling hot tea and a nice crêpe with sugar and Nutella…

And if all that wasn’t enough, the cold makes it harder to keep on a proper exercise routine – personally, I feel much better under the covers watching The Holiday or Love Actually (again!) than freezing in the pool while trying to swim my usual laps – and it is much easier to give in to hot chocolate and mulled vine when the temperature starts to drop under 5°C and gloves and wool scarfs aren’t enough.

I have lost count of all the times when, after sitting in an incredibly warm university classroom I found myself freezing on the street looking for a boiling hot tea and a nice crêpe with sugar and Nutella, forgetting the fact that I am actually supposed to be eating healthy. The timing is not optimal either though: because of endless hours spent in the library writing essays on surrealism and feminist theories, my new-university-year resolutions are starting to be forgotten, with the time and energy for a gym session getting slimmer by the minute while tuna salads and avocado sandwiches start to be replaced by bags of M&M’s scattered around next to my theories books.

…the rule should still be moderation…

In any case the rule should still be moderation, moderation, moderation. If however the temptation is impossible to be fought, I’ve decided I’ll just enjoy it. It’s time for real New Year resolutions in a little while, anyway.

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