With more and more mothers in either part-time or full-time work the demands on childcare providers have never been higher. As families increasingly need two bread winners more children are in day care and for more hours than ever before.

If you think childcare could be a career path for you then you’ll need to be trained up. There are a variety of childcare courses in London which will provide you with the skills you need to enter this demanding and rewarding sector.

Here are some of the positive impacts you’ll have if you undertake childcare courses in London and start working in the field:

Meeting Children’s Need

As a childcare worker you’ll be providing children in your care the support and help they need. You’ll play a vital role in nurturing them and helping them feel safe and secure. But to understand what children need you first have to learn that yourself which is where taking childcare courses in London comes in.

Helping Them Develop

Childcare isn’t just about keeping an eye on the kids while mum and dad are at work. In the absence of their parents you’ll be providing the interaction and education they need to continue to develop. And if you work in a pre-school you’ll be delivering Early Years education.

Helping Parents

If you work in childcare you don’t just deal with children. You’ll also work closely with parents, keeping them up to date on their child’s progress and offering advice and support to ensure that they’re involved in their child’s development.
Now you know the kind of amazing work you’ll be doing, what are the opportunities like? If you move into working in childcare after completing your childcare course there are several areas open to you.


You’ll find nurseries in all kinds of settings – run by the local authority, privately owned, operated by employers, attached to schools and also operated by community groups. They usually provide day care for children up to the age of 5 and tend to be open year round, though some only operate during term times.


These groups provide childcare, play and Early Years education for children aged 2-5. Initially these tended to offer sessional care, but these days many offer all-day care. Alongside day care duties you’ll also be providing Early Years education to prepare children for primary school.

Out Of School Clubs

These provide a safe and fun environment for school age children between the ages of 4 and 14. They operate before and after school during term times and often provide all-day care during school holidays. Roles here can be extremely varied depending on the age groups, you could be organising a breakfast club, helping children with homework or running an arts or sports club.
Private Child Minding

Many people who undertake childcare courses decide to pursue private child minding. As a child minder you’ll look after children under the age of 8 usually in your own home. You’ll arrange fun activities such as trips to the park and library, learning activities appropriate to their ages as well as provide meals and snacks. All child minders must be registered and meet qualification requirements.

Working in childcare is one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers there is. Everyday you’ll be helping children explore their world and develop understanding and skills that will be the foundation for their future success.

College of Northwest London offers a variety of childcare courses in London at different levels. To find out more click here.

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