Love love love. That’s all you need here on the Mouth editorial team. We can’t get enough of it – love for each other and for our nearest and dearest. So we’re sharing our plans with you, in an effort to spread some love and shed ourselves of our emotionally repressed scales. Enjoy! 


Imran, sports ed – single 

I hate to sound like a negative sod, but Valentines Day means as much to me as a Quarter Pounder with cheese means to vegetarians. Why does society need to label a day when somebody must show his or her loved one as much love as possible? In a healthy relationship aren’t you required to make that kind of contribution on a daily basis?

The way I see it this is the perfect opportunity for Hallmark to sell Valentines Day cards, florists to dish out red tulips, roses, hand-tied pink radiance and Cadbury to flog as many boxed chocolates and milk trays as possible. Love is magical. Love is pure. And love sells merchandise.   

…the lovebirds will be dining at the fanciest place money can buy…

 Even if it’s one huge moneymaking machine this will not deter them. This evening the lovebirds will be dining at the fanciest place money can buy. They will share a cornball movie: most likely some rubbish from Nicolas Sparks. Some will fly off for a romantic weekend away in Venice. Some will pledge their long-term commitment.

 I myself will resort to something arbitrary. I will sit in and watch Frasier. I will read 50 pages of my boring book. I will catch up with my research. And Valentines Day will pass by like a facial blackhead. It came it went and you never knew about it.


Francesca, arts ed – boyfriend for 6 weeks

I keep my romantic feelings right with the rest of my emotions – bottled up in my little stony heart where they belong. Totally the healthiest way to deal with things, right?

I’m a cynical emotionally repressed 22 year-old who enjoys nothing more than picking at the flaws in romantic comedies, one hand clasped around a bottle of red and snapchatting selfies with the other. Me and Valentine’s Day don’t go naturally together, so much so that for the past four years, even though I’ve managed to find someone to be my boyfriend for every single Valentine’s (I pay well), I’ve never done anything more romantic than bought someone dinner. And that was a major emotional push.

…Feelings are a nightmare…

My boyfriend and I are about as romantic as warm dog poo wrapped in pink tissue paper. We’re still in that getting-to-know-you stage of a relationship where you don’t want to appear too keen, but want to show the other person how much you dig them, but also aren’t naturally the kind of person to make a big deal out of romance. Feelings are a nightmare.

Vaguely serious discussion about V-Day abruptly ended when he announced he had promised friends that he would go out with them. Bros over hoes, even on V-Day. I wasn’t expecting much though, just a couple of orgasms and his undivided attention. I have simple needs. As it is, I’m spending V-day with friends, all of whom are as allergic as me to the commercialised overrated sickening day. As Lady Rizo commented in last weekend’s Sunday Times, we concentrate so much on romantic love on V-day that it’s easy to forget platonic love, the friends who make us feel like an upgraded version of ourselves. It’s those people I’ll be reminding how much I adore them.  


Pear, culture ed –  boyfriend for 3 years

I am a cynic whose heart has been broken countless times. My hobby is over-analysing every possible thing. I still blithely participate in Valentine’s Day. It’s slightly embarrassing that this overbearing, lurid holiday was the catalyst for my current (and, to date, happiest) relationship. 

…This year we’ll be snuggled up on the sofa…

 On Friday 11th February 2011, the day before I was going to Nottingham for a week, I gave the bloke I fancied a sealed black paper bag with orders not to open it until told. He, in turn, gave me a metre-long plush rose. When midnight of the 14th arrived, I texted him, nervously hoping he’d at least enjoy the heart-shaped chocolates and find the card amusing. It was all so cheesy it could be a joke: I wanted to clear the air, and looked forward to getting this ridiculous crush out of the way so we could be friends.

We became a couple 4 days after Valentine’s Day and have stayed that way for 2 years, 11 months, 3 weeks and counting. This year we’ll be snuggled up on the sofa eating a home-cooked meal while watching a film, which is pretty much what we do every other evening. 


Craig, media ed – engaged to girlfriend of 5 years

This year for Valentine’s, the most aggravating of all days (if you’re single, it sucks. If you’re in a relationship, and you don’t trump last year, it sucks) I shall be doing nothing quite as romantic as I hoped. Having recently got employment, and with my fiancé living on the other side of the country, I can safely say that it was a very mutual decision to give Valentine’s a miss this year. I’ll be honest, this decision has sometimes come around to bite me from behind, but what with a dissertation to finish her side, and bills to pay on my side, we cannot readily afford to flit off cross-country in a hugely romantic, surprise visit. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the romance and the huge gestures, but practicality has suddenly overpowered the both of us.

…Happy Valentine’s Day to you all…

So instead, this year I will send my evening watching films, drinking a few bottles of premium cider, and wishing I was in London sharing a bottle of wine with my obviously much better half. However, there are three elements of and upside to this year’s kick in the face. 1) I can rest easy in the knowledge that I get to see the woman of my dreams next week, where we celebrate Valentine’s, her Birthday, and the anniversary of our engagement over a four-day stint. 2) I know that the presents I have got her will more than make up for not being with her on the 14th. 3) Next year’s Valentine’s will be ridiculously easy, as outdoing this year would only need something as simple as a bunch of flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. I hope that if your plans aren’t going well, you can still find positives to take from the day.  


Cait, current affairs ed – engaged to boyfriend of 6 years

Paul and I have been dating since we were sixteen; a beautiful romance formed from Romeo and Juliet style beginnings. Well, not quite as interesting. We went to rival schools so our relationship, at the time, felt like a brilliant secret that could have us both exiled from our respective peer groups at any moment.

Now, things are a little different. In November of last year we ventured to Amsterdam for a long weekend of trailing round Christmas markets and drinking cocktails. Whilst there, Paul got down on one knee and popped the question – to which I, of course, said yes. 

…this year I’ve planned some surprises…

That’s why this Valentines Day is going to be a little different than previous years – our first as an engaged couple. Although we don’t normally go to wild on Valentines Day, choosing to make more of a big deal of our anniversaries, this year I’ve planned some surprises. I don’t mind spilling the beans, as I’m 100% sure my ever-supportive fiancé will never read my articles on MouthLondon.

After a nice romantic meal in the quiet serenity of Prince’s Square in Glasgow, I’ll be treating Paul to a night of blood and ice as we head off to watch Glasgow take on Sheffield in an ice hockey match in the Braehead Arena – that’s romantic enough, right? 


David, editor-in-chief – boyfriend of 9 years

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 9 years. In gay years this is a very long time (think of it like dog years), but for all the time I have been in a relationship we have always been together on Valentine’s Day. I don’t believe in it to be honest as everything gets a little more expensive, restaurants are booked up, and all of my single friends start to panic and annoy me. I don’t get to see my boyfriend all that much, so when I do see him on the weekends, it feels like what I suppose people expect Valentine’s Day to be like. This Valentine’s Day, my guy is going to be working from home so I get to take him out for dinner, cinema and then back to ours for hugs. Sounds kinda gay, but we are… so it’s ok.

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