We’ve all been there; that one date where it’s so bad you think it’s never going to end, but how do you get out of it? What can you say or do that’s believable enough not to offend? Next time you’re feeling like you need to run for the door, these tactics will help you ditch that dead-end date:


Get lost

If your date location is in a large club, restaurant or even a cinema, excuse yourself for a bathroom break and then ‘fail’ to find your way back. If your date phones you and asks where you are, explain that you got lost, had no phone signal and even the staff were unable to direct you back! This might not sound believable, so you might have to add that you weren’t allowed back into the premises by a jobsworth!

Get a ‘Guardian Angel’

Many women can relate to the scene in Sex and the City when Charlotte receives an emergency call from Carrie to escape a bad date. Today, a new piece of jewellery can help you do just that. According to the Daily Mail, the ‘Guardian Angel’ has been invented in the form of a bracelet or necklace whereby women can alert their mobile phone to ring with the click of a button. When activated, a call is made to the wearer’s own mobile phone, allowing them to have an excuse to walk away from the date!

Say you’re ‘On Call’

If you have an online dating profile – Lois from Take Me Out recently reviewed My Single Friend, click here to read her verdict – you may well have listed that you work for a service-type profession. Tell your date right at the start of the evening that unfortunately you are on call and may have to leave at any given moment. This way you have a believable plan of attack if the date’s not going well and can quickly dash off with a good excuse. If it is going well, you don’t have anything to worry about! Clever, eh?

Bad Date

Claim a wardrobe malfunction

Although this is a little extreme, desperate times often call for desperate measures and you can always treat yourself to another outfit! Make a tear in your skirt, ruin your shoe, spill a glass of wine on yourself or lose a contact lens and explain that you’re going to need to leave.

Fake an illness

According to AXA, a recent study revealed that the success of a first date is decided within the first 12 minutes of meeting. If it’s 30 minutes into the date and you’re itching to escape, you may need to switch on your best acting skills. Start rubbing your head and say you suffer with migraines or if you’re really desperate, rush to the bathroom, spend 10 – 15 minutes in there and return explaining that you feel really sick. The only drawback with this excuse is if your date insists on walking you home and tucking you in.

Be honest

If the conversation is drying up and you’re trying to stay awake, just be honest and politely end it with a direct: “I’m happy to have met you, but I really don’t see a future for us.” Some may think it’s rude, others will really appreciate your honesty. Even if they do decide to get the hump, don’t let it get to you, you’re never going to see them again anyway, and at least you can’t be accused of being dishonest.

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