How to pack light. Now there’s a conundrum. Girls, I’m not talking the occasional weekend bag, or mimicking the male packing two t-shirts, one pair of trousers which zip off into shorts; one pair of shorts which double up as swimming trunks and one pair of flip-flops. I’m talking about how to pack the essentials and more, for your summer holiday, without packing the kitchen sink.

The trouble is, when it comes to a woman packing, ‘everything’ is essential. Those extra pairs of wedges are ‘essential’; the six pairs of sunglasses are ‘essential’. Yeah – we know we will probably never wear them – fourteen pairs of shorts for seven days are a little excessive. However, we still pack them, you know, ‘just in case’. Especially when your partner is practically taking only three outfits: more space in his case. And, wait for it… here comes the stampede of shoes. Not one pair, not four pairs, but ten pairs piled into his case. For extra packing space, men are a God-send.

…I love my dad’s face when he sees my suitcase.

I have to say – I love my dad’s face when he sees my suitcase. But more often than not the words ‘you’ve packed too much’ fall upon deaf ears. Well, I am a woman, right?

It’s time to get reasonable. Apart from breaking the backs of the airport staff; having to pay extra for suitcases weighing over the given allowance and having no room to bring things back, packing too much is simply unnecessary. All you need are the essentials.

…aim to cause optic shock…

At most, you need two swimsuits: one for the beach and one for the pool. On holiday, we live in our swimsuits and kaftans, so you don’t need a new pair of shorts or a t-shirt for every day. Mix and match. Following this season’s trends, don’t forget to pop your colour – aim to cause optic shock and voilà: there you have it. 

You need one pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, none to look pretty in the hotel drawer and definitely none ‘just in case’ something happens to the other pair. You can always buy some more on holiday, and why pass up an opportunity to shop?

Forget waterproof make-up.

Not everybody favours this season’s big floppy hat. However, when the weatherman shares out that sunshine, be it a sports cap or a sunhat, your head needs protection. Take suntan lotion that will see you through the first few days and buy the rest there. Choose a decent factor – your health is more important than your tan.

Forget waterproof make-up. Dare to bare. Go natural in the day to look fresh-faced and hydrate your skin with a good moisturiser. Don’t forget lip balm, SPF 30. Looking good on holiday is a head to toe affair, so on the evening, dress your lips as well as your body. Hair should have that effortless, ‘fresh-out-of-the-sea’, look but use Elvive Full Restore 60 second saviour, £4.99, to maintain the gloss. Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturiser and mix it with an illuminating cream to give skin that ‘I drink eight glasses of water a day’ radiance.  

If ever the phrase less is more meant something, it’s now. Pack lightly? Yes. Look amazing? Always.


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    Trying to be absolutely objective, I have to admit that Jessica writes best fashion articles I’ve ever read. Always very witty, humourous, full of good advice and practical, they’re an amazing read. I hope to see them published in a magazine one day. Well done, Jess !



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