Clear your heads of all else guys. There are just four denim trends you need to learn: Retro, Pretty, Minimalist and Boyfriend.

Denim is so versatile that it has been around for decades and so you will no doubt find this fabric in your local charity shops.

Denim is so versatile that it has been around for decades…

Ah, finally! A trend our student bank accounts will love.

Retro Denim

June sees a blast from the past with the return of 1970s inspired floor-skimming skirts. Lazy, loose and nonchalant: retro has never been so current.

Try denim with double denim – throw a light denim blazer over a denim shirt and complete the look with a dark denim floor-skimming skirt.

And unless you’re a 6ft supermodel, try a comfy wedged heel also. The floor-skimming skirt is an excellent alternative to this season’s wide flare and you can grab one from the high-street; both Primark and New Look have the long denim skirt, priced between £15.00- £25.00.

Try denim with double denim…

But if you don’t feel brave enough to tackle denim on denim, then wear the skirt with a white T-shirt. Whatever you choose to wear on top: the skirt is essential down below.

Wear with a belt around the waist and a blasé attitude.

Pretty Denim

Not all denim has to be screaming street style to look calm and relaxed. To put a current stamp on the classic fabric, try dark waxed denim in the style of a short dress with long sleeves.

Oh and girls – we don’t need the denim to ‘hang’ off the body to look cool, so throw on a belt to accentuate the waist or tuck a denim shirt into a denim balloon skirt.

Wear with huge wedges to lengthen the legs and Go, Go, Go!

Minimalist Denim

Three words: Less is more.

Choose a simple, light denim tunic dress – the lighter the colour, the less fussy the look. Choose simple sandals that will maintain the stripped-back look rather than distract the eye, and grab a huge square bag – brown or tan coloured to compliment the light denim.

Finally, accessorise with a pair of big, round sunglasses to complete this humble trend. It’s that simple.

And finally,

Boyfriend Denim

Don’t worry girls – you don’t actually have to borrow your boyfriend’s jeans. The idea behind the ‘boyfriend’ look is to work girly and vintage into an asexual mix.

…you don’t actually have to borrow your boyfriend’s jeans.

To keep costs down, rip the sleeves off an old denim shirt and pair it with a light pink vest to soften the look.

Accessories should be vintage, so raid your local charity shops to grab either a subtle gold-coloured chain to compliment cuff bracelets or a heavy gold-coloured chain worn without cuff bracelets, to create the boyfriend look.

Lastly wear with faded jeans and roll the bottom of the jeans up to expose your shoes. The look is best completed with gladiator sandals, however any type of ‘brown’ shoe will do. Let your jeans slouch a little: throw on a brown belt, allowing the jeans to hang around your hips.

Complete the look by adding a bandana around your head if you want to embrace the look fully, or a pretty bow to bring a dash of femininity to this androgynous trend.

Like singer Jessie J says: yes ladies, we too can ‘do it like a dude!’

Image courtesy of Jacob Munk-Stander


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    Just to let you know that i have just enjoyed reading your article. It gave me an insight into todays ‘what to wear fashion’ with nostalgia, a blast from the past. Anyone else remember those floor sweeping skirts and Karman Ghia Jeans? Too young may be. I will be back for further updates, whoo hoo. Regards x


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