Milton recently teamed up with The Laughing Cow to perform stand-up to a field of Friesians. See if he made the cows laugh at

Meeting Milton in an office in the middle of London was a far cry from his most recent comedy venture. Comedy genius of Mock The Week, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and Radio 4, as well as author of Where Do Comedians Go When They Die? explained the setup of this somewhat surreal experiment.

How did you get involved in performing for a group of cows?

I made some videos for the Laughing Cow, the cheese people. And the object was to see whether cows could laugh, and, er, according to the expert on standby, called the Cow Expert, they did. Whether that was them getting used to my voice, or, I don’t know how you measure cow’s laughter exactly, but I wasn’t mooed off.

I don’t know how you measure that exactly but my brief was to get up there and do some jokes in the style that I would do them but to cows. So there were lots of ‘How Are You Feeling Today? Over The Moon’, cow related jokes and then my plan was about half way through to switch it to other animals, like donkeys, and to see whether that changed their mood at all.

It was a very bizarre day in the middle of Essex standing in a field on a stage in the sunshine with cows wandering around, eating.

So what were the cow’s responses to your performance?

Well, a mixture of responses. To be honest I’ve played to worse animals in pubs up and down the country. I think once they got used to me they were kind of happy. There was some hay on the stage. None of them sat down I have to say. They stayed on their feet, in case of a quick exit. But they seemed quite content anyway. According to the expert they were happy enough.

Apparently 40% of Brits don’t believe that cows have a sense of humour. What do you have to say to them?

I can’t claim to report for all of them. It probably depends where in the circle of life they are. How happy they are. But the ones that I saw on that day, in that controlled experiment seemed like they did. So…

Which joke got the best response?

Oh dear. Possibly one about farmers, about farmers markets. A farmer went to a market, bought a couple of farmers. But whether that was a build-up of other stuff…sometimes you don’t know…

Did it get a really loud moo?

Yes, well, there were moos going on but difficult to tell which jokes were attached to which moos really. But none of them ran away, so, that’s a success.

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  1. Rosa Lia | Culture Editor

    Well where do you stand on the matter? I think any animal that makes cheese must be pretty happy with itself.



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