Everyone spends more during the Christmas period. Even if you budget religiously, something will catch your eye and you will end up spending more. December is the month where I find that all the little pleasures I have for the rest of the year (Clothing, Apps, take out) disappear because I do not have the extra money to compensate. I blame Christmas completely, but luckily there are ways around getting your fixes and JUST EAT have exactly that opportunity in the shape of a game, that you can check out here here.

JUST EAT has just released their latest campaign (#pizzaboxpuzzle) where you have to play a game to help Mr Mozzarella (also known as ‘The Mozz’), the leader of the rebel chefs, to find his missing pizzas. Being a big kid I was completely up for playing a game, and then to my surprise it was just like Where’s Wally. You get a certain amount of pizza boxes to find on an interactive picture.

What is nice is that once you have found all of the boxes you are put into a draw to win one of several prizes. You can win a year’s subscription to Netflix, An awesome onesie or a £50 JUST EAT voucher (which is what I want as I love food).

Where is the mozz SM image

…there are these amazing opportunities open to everyone…

Obviously there is no guarantee I am going to win the food voucher, but it makes me happy that at a money stretching time of year there are these amazing opportunities open to everyone.

Check out JUST EAT in case the campaign made you hungry and let us know if you win anything!


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