I can see the dew adorning the grass cling to my bare ankles; I can hear the rustle of the fresh, damp morning air through the leaves; I can feel the gentle breeze playing around the skirts of my cotton smock. The wisps of hair framing my face, pink with cold and expectation escape their bind and whip forward to tickle my forehead.

My pace quickens as the anticipation builds. The misty veil lifts over the lonesome, caped figure in the distance. He strides towards me, dark curls ruffled and chest heaving slightly, eyes dark with longing. I stand motionless and wait with baited breath for a mere stroke; a gentle touch of his hand on mine as he leans in so close that I can feel the warmth of his breath brushing my neck…

I was born in the wrong era, at least two centuries too early…

Okay so that little scenario may have been a day dream induced by the achingly beautiful tunes from Pride and Prejudice, but with the recently passed Valentine’s day, love and how to express it is the topic on the tip of everyone’s tongue. I am completely and utterly smitten by Mr Darcy.

In my mind, I am distracted from the complicated, assuming twenty first century and transported back to the turn of the nineteenth. I was born in the wrong era, at least two centuries too early for the romance I desire. I’d wholeheartedly welcome the purity of a handwritten love letter to a generic message complete with a sickening amount of love hearts plastered on the face of modern cards.

…there is something about this day…

There are many cynics out there that buried themselves under a heap of duvets with Ben and Jerry for company, waiting for Tuesday’s festivities to pass. These wet blankets tend to either be single, or determined to reject the commercialised Hallmark holiday that Valentine’s Day has become.

Of course, there’s no denying that it’s not particularly morale boosting when the world smugly rubs their happy relationships in your face. However, there is something about this day, set aside to celebrate romance, that is completely “awhhh” inducing. After all, we celebrate, without qualm, Mother’s day, Father’s day and Christmas, all by showering our nearest and dearest, so why should this be any different? Any excuse, because quite frankly, I’m a hopeless romantic.

…this should not be restricted to just a designated day…

If, like me, you’re single then there is no reason that you can’t use this day to show someone else you love that you care. An amazingly sweet friend of mine woke me up with breakfast in bed: bagels, fruit, and a flower. It put me in a good mood for the rest of the day and made me feel like a princess.

It’s a day to spoil and be spoilt. It’s also a day where you can put yourself out there, declare a crush or admit to being smitten without facing extreme ridicule. In an ideal world, this should not be restricted to just a designated day, but sometimes we need a knock on the door to make us pause and analyse the scene.

…it has served its sweet purpose.

Valentine’s Day may be hyped up commercial nonsense but it forces us to look at our relationships and to evaluate our situation in life. If all the heart-shaped, sugar-coated, rose-strewn extravaganzas force us to take some time out of routine to remind ourselves how loved and how lucky we are, whether in a relationship or not, it has served its sweet purpose.  


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