It is said that 80% of women in Britain are wearing the wrong bra. Surprised? I’m not.  You only have to look at the way people awkwardly potter around Ann Summers – rarely making it round once without giggling. If buying underwear is a problem, it is no surprise that women rarely wear the correct size.

Getting a bra fitting is probably on a par with going to the dentist. Nine times out of ten different shops give you different measurements. To make sure you are being fitted correctly, follow these simple steps. Firstly, always make sure that the bra fitter is using a tape measure!


To measure the Band Size

Keep the bra on and measure around the rib cage at the bra line. Make sure the tape measure is taut then add three inches to the measurement. So if you measure a 33, adding 3 inches will mean you measure 36 inches.


To measure Cup Size

Keep the bra on and measure the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape measure taut.

Round the measurement to a whole number and subtract the band measurement from the bust measurement.

So if your bust measures 38 inches and your band measures 36 inches, subtract the 36 from 38 which is 2 inches.

Add one cup size for the number amount of band minus bust.  In this instance it is 2 inches so you will add two cup sizes and be a B cup. Because your band measures 36 inches, you will be a 36B.

If the amount of band minus bust was 5 inches, you would need to go up 5 cup sizes and be an E cup and so on.



The wire needs to come right to the edge of the breast (by the armpit) and come all the way around to lift up your breast.

If you can stick two fingers right underneath the wire at the front of the bra then the band size is too big. Go down in the band size but up in the cup size. If you’re wearing a 38A and find the band too big, go down to a 36 band but up to a B cup. A 36B cup is the same size cup as a 38A.

Strapless bras should be a little tighter than usual because there are no straps. It should be half way between the shoulder and elbow.

Learning how to measure yourself properly and choose the correct bra size will come with time. But the embarrassment of discussing underwear, getting fitted and buying sexy lingerie that would be a sin outside the bedroom? It doesn’t get any easier. 

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