If you think the inevitable financial restrictions of life as a London student force you to ditch all pretensions of keeping up with the [fashion] Joneses, think again.

You can definitely remain at the cutting edge of style whether you are a fresher or postgraduate in the capital, by simply following our top tips for achieving a look perfectly in keeping with the urban catwalk trends of summer 2016.


Go for a wider trouser leg

After years of the skinny fit jean being the ‘must have’, it’s wider legs, rather than tapering, that are now ‘in’. While many students may not be too familiar with broader-legged trousers outside their dad’s wardrobe, it’s actually the perfect student-friendly look.

Give Dickies’ denim pants a try for a traditional aesthetic that will still cut a dash in your halls of residence in another 12 months’ time.


Try a splash of floral

Head-to-toe floral get-ups have been sweeping the high end of male fashion ever since creative director Alessandro Michele introduced them at the legendary Italian label Gucci, but are they as advisable for wearing with your mates in your favourite Hoxton beer garden? Perhaps not.

However, you can still tap into this trend in a way that is tasteful for a London student, by simply giving your outfit a floral focal point. Foliage patterns on a T-shirt, jacket or pair of trousers can work well when everything else is kept timelessly plain.


Don a knitted polo, not a lace shirt

BootsSure, the current male fashion scene can be confusing for London students, particularly given some of the seriously androgynous looks out there. Lace shirts, for example, may be promoted by luxury labels like Burberry as a reimagining of the whole idea of masculine fashion, but they can be hard to pull off if you aren’t absolutely confident about your body.

Thankfully, there’s a slightly ‘safer’ way to make your top half more interesting – a suitably textural knitted polo. These versatile and preppy numbers will turn heads in a way that doesn’t leave you wondering whether people are sniggering behind your back.


Brave the shorter short

It seems that shorter shorts are no longer the butt of comedians’ jokes, instead truly returning to high fashion. But of course, if you’re going for this look, you’ll need to ensure that you can pull it off – not least by ensuring yours aren’t too tight, as that’s something that no one wants to see.

Such shorts work well with relaxed or oversized tops, as long as the shorts aren’t rendered practically invisible as a result. Try a long-sleeve T-shirt with a hat and hi-tops to offset the greater amount of skin you’ll be showing down below.


Take inspiration from the ’90s

For years, the idea of the ’90s throwback DayGlo anorak coming within vague earshot of high fashion would have been laughable, and yet, this season, many students are making it work by combining it with denim shorts and a plain white T-shirt for a statement piece.

Let’s face it – you might as well try out such a look during your student days, as you’ll never get away with it once you’re in that office job in your 30s.

Are you still looking for ideas for your wardrobe for the months ahead? If so, you may be interested in Menswear Style’s recent article detailing 10 must-know summer 2016 menswear trends.


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