The Hummingbird Bakery – a cupcake franchise with branches across London – is bringing out a Valentine’s Day range. I was lucky enough to be able to try some of the new designs ahead of release, so I took them back to my lair (or study bedroom, if you prefer) and consumed them.

The first I devoured was the classic vanilla. With pretty, pink and delicious décor, it looked charming. Everything about this cake was light – the buttercream, the sponge, and the gentle pink colouring. Great for sweet-toothed people like myself.

The second was the chocolate. The bold blue icing struck me as contemporary, and the red and white hearts create a ‘red, white and blue’ of sorts. The rich, moist sponge is ideal for any chocolate lover, but the vanilla buttercream ensures it isn’t too chocolatey. The colour scheme might suit a more… masculine consumer.

… the complimentary flavours and textures worked wonders …

The last, but certainly not least, was Red Velvet. It’s usually my favourite as it has both chocolate and cream cheese. Hummingbird did not disappoint – the complimentary flavours and textures worked wonders. Besides, the cake displayed those three little words we all want to hear this Valentine’s Day – irresistible!

I would like to thank Hummingbird for giving me the opportunity to act like Paul and Mary on Bake Off, and also for the boxes that helped with the rough train ride home!

… enjoy time with a sweetheart …

What are you waiting for? Get to a branch and enjoy time with a sweetheart on one side, and a cupcake on the other.

The Hummingbird Bakery
Valentine’s Day range available 31 January – 14 February
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Photo credit: Alice Barnes-Brown, The Hummingbird Bakery

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