As the days get colder and we approach Christmas there are some fantastic events happening over the capital. is hosting one of the most exciting and audience inclusive events, so prepare to get chilly fingers in your adventure to win some cool prizes.

Bringing part of Switzerland is the plan for Reach Out, Touch It, where blocks of ice are dropped in secret locations around London. If you find one you are in for the chance to melt the ice and get a card with a winning code on it. There are 75 cards to get and prizes as big as a full holiday to Switzerland.

…a fun way to earn a prize…

So check out the site here and wait for the drop of the next block. Not only is it a fun way to earn a prize, but there are MySwitzerland Snowboard Instructors on hand to chat with. Winning and learning is always a good thing.

Check out the worthwhile video of the public getting cold fingers:



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