There are only a few places in the world that make the real Sachertorte, with only one of them being outside Austria. Forget about any other Sachertorte you have ever eaten, jump on a plane and go to Vienna, where the Hotel Sacher, after a long legal battle with the Demel Bakery over the use of the term Original Sacher, still makes one of the best Sachertorte you can find. However, if you consider planning a trip to Vienna a little bit too much to try a cake, I have the solution.

When I was old enough not to make a mess of the kitchen, I started spending afternoons baking it for friends and family, who never had enough. So here it is: my little secret. Not to make it too complicated, and because I think it tastes better, I will use the recipe used by the Demel Bakery, with only one layer of apricot jam instead of two. If you start practising now, I am sure you will be able to bake an amazing Sachertorte for 5 December, national Sachertorte Day!

Recipe: Sachertorte


  • . 5 eggs
  • . 150 grams white sugar
  • . 300 grams dark chocolate
  • . 300 grams butter
  • . 70 grams finely grated almonds
  • . Apricot jam


  1. Preheat oven to 175°C
  2. Separate egg whites and egg yolks: put the yolks in a big bowl and keep the whites for later.
  3. Add the 150 grams of sugar to the egg yolks and stir.
  4. In a cooking pot, melt in a bain-marie 150 grams of dark chocolate and 150 grams of butter.
  5. Once cooled down, stir the chocolate/butter with the eggs/sugar, add the grated almonds and stir.
  6. Whip eggs whites to perfection, add to the mixture and stir.
  7. Pour the mixture into a butter covered backing tray making sure the surface is smooth and put in the oven: 10 minutes on 175°C with the door slightly open, then 50 minutes on 150°C with the door closed.
  8. Make sure it is cooked by sticking a knife in the cake; if it isn’t ready, leave 10 more minutes on 150°C
  9. Let the cake cool down, for half a day, without putting it in the fridge
  10. Once cooled, spread the apricot jam on its top surface only
  11. 10. In a cooking pot, melt in a bain-marie the remaining 150 grams of dark chocolate and 150 grams of butter. Once it cooled down, slowly pour it on the cake and spread; let it cool down and, voilà!


Never – never – put the cake in the fridge to make it cool down.



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