When I was at university I was, like most students, a heavy drinker. This is thanks to tradition and each university expects its students to spend their hard earned loans on cheap booze and fun times at the Student Union. With shots only 10p, Coupons for free pints given out during the lunchtime breaks and my entire flat household made up of alcoholics I didn’t stand a chance.

However the silver lining reared its head in the form of Rekorderlig. A Swedish cider that comes in a variety of flavours, bright colours and nifty bottles. Compared to the watered down Strongbow that the SU served, it seemed like a good idea. And to this day I am happy with my choice.

…a brand that make nice tasting drinks…

Since my initial first drink the brand has expanded and released seasonal variants on its flavours. From the basic apple, pear and wild berries to strawberry and lime wildapple and elderflower and apple and blackcurrant. Being a big lover of cider (definitely when compared to beer) it’s nice to find a brand that make nice tasting drinks. That sounds barmy, but I’ve tried many drinks that look tantalising and fail to deliver on taste.

So one day I will travel to Sweden and thank the Swedes (I’ve already thanked my Swedish friend here in London) because they’re not just really nice people, but they also make a damn good drink.




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