I’ll set the scene for you. It was a humid evening, but there had been a little rain. I met my friend at his place of work near the southbank to catch up and grab some food to accompany our fantastic conversation/comedy gold. Unfortunately for me, my friend was feeling in a very indecisive mood, and instead of eating near to where he worked we wandered all the way past Trafalgar and into Soho – stopping at several establishments along the way.

Finally after some debate he decided he wanted a burger! Perfect I thought (I think myself a bit of a burger connoisseur) and so we headed towards the nearest Five Guys. However, on the way we came across a burger joint I had not been to. Throwing caution to the wind we decided to be spontaneous and headed into Burgeri.

Burgeri is a new burger joint that has opened opposite liberty near Carnaby Street. Burgeri was first started in Qatar and the name translates from Arabic to ‘my Own burger’. What seems a nice twist is that all the burgers are halal, even the chicken and Wagyu.

… they arrived on a metal, almost school dinners like, tray …

As we browsed the burgers on offer my eyes moved towards the ‘Hawaiian’ burger (Black Angus Beef with smoked Turkey ham, grilled pineapple, lollo lettuce, tomato, onions with sweet & sour sauce), while my friend went for a classic B.Cheesy (cheeseburger).

The décor was old school American diner, and we completed the experience by taking a booth and catching up. The burgers came in a little sleeve that made it easy to take monstrous bites out of them and they arrived on a metal, almost school dinners like, tray.

The meat was succulent and B.Chessy came with the Burgeri secret sauce. However, after heading out to walk to the tube, both me and my friend felt it wasn’t as good as Five Guys. Perhaps we’ve had too much of a good thing and can’t have anything less, but I’m happy we tried in the end. I notoriously return to the places I like so I am glad we ere spontaneous that evening… even if it did take us a 30 minute, slightly soggy walk in the rain to get there.


22 Great Marlborough St,

Soho, London W1F 7HU

Restaurant Review: Burgeri
A tasty offering, but not as good as other joints.
75%Overall Score
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