Generally pizza and cocktails are my favourite things. Sure I am into lots of other foods, have an unhealthy obsession with film and enjoy sports, but food wise I have had some amazing times with both pizza and cocktails.

I was therefore thrilled to visit the Earlham Street Clubhouse in Covent Garden that is marketed as an American bar/diner serving cocktails with funky names and a fully stocked pizza parlour that dishes out amazing topped sour dough beauties. With this in mind I hot the joint with a good mate of mine and started to sample what was on offer.

The decor is kitted out in a retro American feel, exposed brickwork and wood panelling. There is a jukebox that blasts out awesome tunes that can be controlled from your iPhone thanks to a ‘Secret DJ’ app. The menus are located in an interesting place.. Namely the ceiling! Grabbing, and pulling them down from pullies attached to the ceiling, we opted for a Boom Box, Power Ranger, Stifler’s Mom and Rolling With The Homies.. As you can tell all of the drinks follow the retro film feel, and the pizza also follow suit. We ordered a Screech (a hot pepperoni) and The Fresh Prince (Ricotta sauce with sausage and Mushrooms). Both came on a thin and tasty crust, topped with tons of topping.

Earlham Clubhouse

…there are lots of little alcoves for parties, or saucy encounters…

The nice thing about the Earlham is that it’s tucked away from the busy Covent Garden streets, and feels like you are being transported to a different place, at a different time. The bar stretches from one side of the property, and there are lots of little alcoves for parties, or saucy encounters.

I was pleasantly surprised with the location (it took us a double look to find the place), the food was delicious and freshly made, and the cocktails were gorgeous. If you want something a little different then definitely check out the Earlham Street Clubhouse.. You won’t be disappointed.

Cul_4 Stars4.5 Stars

35 Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9LD
Mon-Sun: 12pm-12am

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