Whilst on my day off from studies I had to get my boyfriend a present and cake in town for his birthday. Dodging the usual touristy areas for most of the day, I completely forgot about a bakery in Soho he loved. Whilst strolling down Dean Street, a young man outside Firezza handed me a coupon for 50% off over the next two days. They had just opened a new site and wanted to get people in for the grand opening. Being crafty I figured I could push this in my favour. The following night I met the birthday boy outside his work and we happily headed towards Dean Street. Unbeknownst to him I had dropped subtle hints about pizza for 24 hours previously and now that’s what he wanted. The plan was working perfectly.

Firezza is a really cool pizza joint. As you enter you head up to the tills to pick your toppings for the pizza. The pizzas come in half metres or a full metre. We had a lovely server called Georgie who really didn’t know what he was in for when we stepped up to order. Looking over what was on offer we debated with him the best and worst things to eat on offer. In the end we got a metre long with two different half sides. One side was a Salsiccia (Sicilian style sausage, friarielli (Italian wild broccoli), fresh cream, garlic, mozzarella and fresh red chilli), and the other was a Pollo Piccante (Our roasted Cajun-spiced chicken, roasted red peppers, fresh basil, red onion and red chilli with tomato and mozzarella). We were given a vibrating alarm to tell us when it was ready, and so we went and settled in at a table near the pizza ovens.

We briefly got chatting about how much cake the boyfriend had eaten at work before the buzzer alerted us to our food. On all the tables is a set of wooden corner pieces that the metre of pizza would sit on.

… The dough was luxurious …

We collected our beast of a pizza and quickly gobbled up the whole thing. The dough was luxurious and the two sides complimented each other perfectly.

The atmosphere was buzzing, although a tad loud, but as an opening first few days it was acceptable. We sat back sated and I congratulated myself on a tasty – and very cheap – birthday meal. We headed out into Soho happy with our meal, and ended the night at a gelato bar.

Overall the experience was fantastic and if you want a meal with plenty of fun, sharing and a great atmosphere, definitely try it out.


22-25 Dean Street,  Soho, 

London,  W1D 3RY


Restaurant Review: Firezza
A fun experience both for couples or large parties!
92%Overall Score
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