Lately I have been doing a lot of shopping. Between buying a new bike and everything that goes along with it, shopping for warm weather clothes, and shopping for the abundance of presents I seem to be buying lately, I have found myself on or near Regents Street every weekend for more than a month. Luckily I found a little gem to stop in, refuel, and do some great people watching.

Joe & the Juice serves both coffee and juice blends in an edgy café. Michael Jackson is usually blaring from the sound system and the model-esque guys behind the counter are usually dancing around, singing along, or laughing at some inside joke. It’s like a shot of adrenaline just walking in here. Being the die-hard coffee drinker that I am, I have yet to try any of the juices, but they have a huge selection of fruits on display ready to be tossed into some lovely concoction to please your taste buds.

I’m odd, but I love foam.

I usually go for the cappuccino because I love it, but the soy latte is fantastic as well. The soy milk makes the drink a bit more substantial and yields a nutty aftertaste. A bonus for me, the latte always has just the right amount of soy foam, which I messily slurp off the drink before drinking it. I’m odd, but I love foam.

Joe & the Juice also has a large selection of sandwiches to choose from. I always order the Tunacado, which is a simple blend of tuna, a hint of spice, and avocado smushed into a panini press and served warm. Some days it has a bit of dill in it, others, not so much. Either way, you are able to watch them make it fresh for you and in just a few short minutes, sandwich perfection.

I am actually contemplating buying a panini press so I can try to make this at home, but for less than 5 pounds, it’s almost just better to leave it as a treat for when I’m out.

…do yourself a favour and pass up Starbucks…

Seating is available in the form of sofas, some tables and chairs, and bar style seating that faces out to the masses walking down Regents Street. This means no matter what you need, somewhere to sit and study, somewhere to recharge and talk with friends, or somewhere to people watch, you can find the appropriate area to park it.

So next time you’re shopping near Regents Street or just out and looking for a good place for a cheap snack, do yourself a favour and pass up Starbucks, don’t give Nero a second look, and ignore Costa as you make your way to Joe and the Juice for your caffeine fix.

281 Regents Street, W1B 2HE

5/5 (for a snack and drinks)

Image courtesy of Joe and the Juice


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