A good month ago now, Helena and I decided to go to Palmers on the Roman Road, and the truth is I could barely fault it. As we sat down, we were faced with the four course Valentine’s Menu. This saddened me, because set or celebration-designed menus are so often disappointing, but after a little look, it was clear that this was a well constructed menu and only £29 per head, which is more than reasonable.

We began, romantically gazing into each other’s eyes (gross) with Brown Shrimp Crostini, which was lovely. Not too fatty or buttery, although a little lemony for my liking. Helena disagreed, but we didn’t fall out over the lemon content fortunately. Then to start, we shared Scallops with Cauliflower Puree and Clams with Chorizo and Manzanilla. The scallops made me very happy indeed; so sweet on their bed of savoury cauliflowery puree. The clams were good, but didn’t really stand a chance next to the scallops. Sorry clams.

Helena liked it, but then apparently opposites attract.

For our main we had the chateaubriand for two and it was perfect: rare and tender on the inside, charred and salty on the outside. It was served with chunky chips (I would have preferred skinny fries) and a rather superfluous grilled tomato (which I ate anyway, as I was paying for it). The béarnaise sauce was good, and the chimi churri sauce was alright. Helena liked it, but then apparently opposites attract.

For desert we both had the cheese board, which consisted of three fair sized chunks of blissful cheese served with apples, caramelised onion chutney and oat cakes.

The only thing I could fault…

A good time was had by all. The food was great, the service was charming (the staff really are lovely), and it was reasonably priced too. The only thing I could fault (apart from the redundant tomato) was that, much like Helena, the food was lovely but could have been presented a little better.

Images courtesy of Palmers


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