I’ve recently spent a lot more time in East London. Being a western London kinda guy I was excited to explore a different part of the capital and what better way than by sampling the food.

I know this sounds daft, but west London food is different from the east and even south of the river. Seeing how their is a large Turkish population in areas like Hackney, i have found. Yawns sampling Turkish cafes and restaurants, and none have been as delicious/value for money/worth the time as Somine in Dalston.

I had decided to meet up with a filmmaker friend for an early dinner, and after a glittering referral from a fellow foodie I asked to meet him at Dalston Kingsland, dodge the scary inhabitants of the area, and head to Somine.

… eat from the food on display by the front …

Somine sits on a road corner opposite Nandos and from the outside it could be mistaken for a simple kebab grill except for the large (and usually busy) dining area.

After being seated we opted for Turkish beers whilst we milled over what to eat. If you opt for the grill (kebabs and skewers) you’ll find it to be quite pricey, however my recommendation also came with strict instructions on the food – eat from the food on display by the front.

… The lamb and chicken was melt in the mouth …

With an air of expertise I checked out the front and saw several large trays of beautiful food bubbling away. I selected aubergine stuffed with lamb, chicken in vegetables, rice, and bread with yoghurt.

The food arrived quickly and could have easily fed four people. The lamb and chicken was melt in the mouth, and the serving of yoghurt could sink a small boat. Not that I was complaining!

With friendly service and delightful food we chatted into the musk of the evening, and once the bill came I was surprised to see it was under a tenner each. Surprised by how cheap and how full we were on good food we headed to our next destination to continue our catch up.

Since going to Somine I have been back three times. A shiny gem of an establishment which offers full tummys and gorgeous Turkish cuisine.


131 Kingsland High St,

London E8 2PB

Restaurant Review: Somine
Excellent food at an amazing price (just remember to pick form the trays in the front).
90%Overall Score
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