Tapas Brindisa is a small tapas restaurant/wine bar serving a renowned selection of Spanish cured meats and cheese, exclusively Spanish wines and a range of delicious sounding tapas made to share. It has the perfect location: on the corner just next to Borough Market, which many regard as the best food market in London. It is usually busy and as it has a no booking policy – it took several attempts to finally not be discouraged by the massive queue!

…we wanted to try some Spanish cheeses but the overeager… slightly patronizing waiter took our bread

We tried a few dishes from the tapas menu: lamb chumps with cucumber and Payoyo goat’s cheese (£8.95) was by far the most successful dish. The two generous pieces of succulent lamb were perfectly cooked and tasted heavenly with the salad of cucumber and cheese on the side providing a pleasurable contrast. Unfortunately the Sautéed Jerusalem artichokes with garlic, rosemary and truffle oil (£6.00) were disappointing. Even close scrutiny did not reveal even a hint of truffle oil and, just in case you wondered, undercooked Jerusalem artichokes are atrocious. Better was the warm butterbean salad with duck (£7.25). I found the combination of ingredients rather pleasant. However, they were very stingy with the sauce, which made the dish as a whole rather bland.

After the main, we wanted to try some Spanish cheeses but the overeager and, to be frank, slightly patronizing waiter took our bread (£1.60) away before we had any chance to react. We needed all our remaining energy to hold on to our half full wine glasses!

Tapas Brindisa is close enough to Guy’s Campus and is therefore the perfect place for a quick early dinner and a glass of wine with a friend after lectures. It’s not a place that invites you to linger, particularly as you can only keep a table for two hours. I’d say if you are lucky enough to get a place straight away, go for it. I wouldn’t bother queuing though.

3 Stars

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