Let me start by saying that Terroirs is not terribly cheap; that said, I don’t think it’s fair to rule it out. I’d rather find loopholes for students; loopholes that don’t involve maxing out credit cards, escorting or finding rich people to eat out with (although this is a viable option). So what I will endeavour to do here is review a restaurant, that is rather pricey, but with students in mind.

A friend and I arrived at Terroirs and squeezed in at the bar, because there never ever are any tables free at popular places, and it is a constant battle these days to get a seat to go with your good food in London. It was extremely busy as you can probably imagine and I was very stressed out being squished from every direction. Fortunately, the good people behind the bar pointed us in the direction of two free bar seats. I heaved a sigh of relief and decided I needn’t commit murder after all. 

The combination of anchovies, raw shallots, bread and unsalted butter was absolutely bloody delicious…

But here’s where the money-saving advice comes in, and why it’s ok for me to review this place for a student magazine. I was pretty sure the chap I was with would pay. This is not something I expect when I go out for dinner with men, and I am always happy to go halves, but he clearly had a lot more money than me, and I just knew he’d insist on paying. With that in mind, I decided not to order too much, so I went for the Tuscan Raw Chopped Steak, the Cantabrian Anchovies, Shallots and Unsalted Butter, some Prosciutto and some cheese (I believe it was Reblochon de Savoie).

The waitress said that the anchovies with unsalted butter and shallots was one of their signature dishes and told me that the combination really was a winning one. And she was right. The combination of anchovies, raw shallots, bread and unsalted butter was absolutely bloody delicious. The raw steak was lovely too and the prosciutto was so good it made me happy.

…just don’t eat or drink too much – simple.

I also enjoyed the cheese, at a mere £3.50. The prosciutto was about £7, and the steak and anchovy dishes were around £8 each, resulting in a total food bill of about £30 between two, so £15 a head. They also do lots of wine by the glass, at very reasonable prices.

Therefore students, if you’re broke and you want to try out the nice food at Terroirs, just don’t eat or drink too much – simple.

4 Stars


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