Brunch Isn’t Just for Weekends

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I think it’s the best meal and struggle to find restaurants that serve destination-worthy brunch every day of the week. The Breakfast Club does this at its now four locations; the closest to me is their outlet in Soho.

…a thirst quenching smoothie of apple, strawberry and blueberry…

Although located on a trendy street, it is impossible to miss the bright yellow building and, at the weekend, the line of people outside. The décor is laid back and quirky as is the service. Don’t expect more than a smile from the hipster waitresses, but do expect good food.

Not a fan of traditional sausage, I usually order the Veggie All American. The pancakes always come light and airy, while the two poached eggs ooze thick, creamy yolk that matches the colour of the walls. The breakfast also comes with sliced sautéed potato hash browns, a grilled portobello mushroom, and, my favourite, the veggie sausage, which is reminiscent in flavour to a giant falafel. The maple syrup is great on the “sausage,” so don’t be embarrassed to ask for more – I always do.

…they cracked open to provide gooey yolk…

Recently, I tried the Eggs Florentine. Make sure to ask that the English muffin is toasted crispy golden brown so it holds up against the runny sauce and yolks. The raindrop shaped poached eggs were beautifully cooked and they cracked open to provide gooey yolk to mix with the spinach. My only wish was that the hollandaise was a bit less buttery as it fought with the luxuriance of the yolk.

My friend ordered the Breakfast Burrito, which I have ordered in the past. On this occasion the spicy chorizo was nicely mixed with roasted peppers, fluffy scrambled eggs, and cheddar. The guacamole was plentiful, which on previous visits has been a bit scarce, so she was happy.

To wash down our wonderful feasts we each ordered lattes, hers vanilla, mine caramel. Both were good, but we agreed the caramel was the winner in pureness of taste. My friend also ordered the Blue Monday, which was a thirst quenching smoothie of apple, strawberry and blueberry. It went fast and had we been there longer, I think she may have ordered another.

The Breakfast Club locations also serve lunch, dinner, and have happy hour specials in Hoxton and Angel, but I have never managed to eat more than the breakfast items. After all, when brunch is an option from 9-5 every day, why would I choose anything else?

The Breakfast Club, 33 D’ Arblay Street, Soho, W1F 8EU (3 more located throughout London)


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